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Ever wondered if college prospects like you become successful in the future?

Education does not come in a specific color, shape or form. Education is a tool that enables you to create a strong foundation in order to start a career in the field of your interest.

Our scholarship's recipients  are those who have conquered their fears and defied adversity and strongly believe that higher education is not a luxury, but a necessity to accomplish the American dream. The American dream just like education, does not come in a certain color, shape or form. Our recipients  believe that receiving a higher education is more important than allowing hardships to define who they will be as a professional.

Read their stories below of students like you. You might realize that you have more in common with them, than what you'd imagine and only then will you realize that if they can accomplish their dreams, so can you.  

Our 2021Winner:


Miriam Perez Martinez is from the state of Texas and graduated as Salutatorian. She is the second oldest of my three siblings and is a first generation college student.She aspires to work in the medical field after completing her undergraduate degree. She currently attends Texas A&M University in order to accomplish my lifelong dream of becoming a neonatal nurse. 

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Our 2020 Winner:

Amy Hernandez will be attending the University of California Los Angeles in the fall as a Biology major. Amy intends on minoring in education at UCLA. While pursuing her degree in Biology she’ll also be on a pre-dental track, in hopes of applying to dental school as a pediatric dentist. Her ultimate goal is to end health disparities present in low income communities like her own. Amy values the importance of giving back to her community and is continuing to do so by teaching and mentoring young musicians.

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Our 2019 Winner:

Alma is a first-generation Latina enrolled as a 1st year college student at University of San Diego in San Diego CA, working towards a major in Human Biology and a minor in Spanish.

She is the first one in her family to enroll in higher education and is looking forward to becoming the first one to graduate from a 4 yr University.  She plans to attend medical school after her undergraduate career and be able to inspire those in her community to follow her lead into pursuing a college degree.


Our 2018 Winner:

Tifani is a first-generation college student in her first year at Davidson College in North Carolina, working towards a major in Biology on the pre-med track. She is a Bonner Scholar at Davidson and is a part of several clubs at Davidson including The Women's Leadership Conference Club, The Dignity Club, Strategies for Success Pre-Med Students, and Dinner at Davidson.


Born and raised in Chicago, Tifani attended Lane Tech College Prep High School where she was President of her school's Girls in Engineering, Mathematics, and Science (GEMS) Club, President of Cambodian-Thai Club, and President and Co-Founder of Think Pink (a breast cancer awareness club). During her presidency with GEMS, she started a mentorship partnership with the Northwestern University's Society of Women Engineers.


Outside of school, she worked with kids as a paid intern for Special Olympics Chicago's 50th Anniversary, a summer recreational leader, lifeguard, and Kohl Children's museum intern. Tifani hopes to explore a healthcare field working with kids and to travel the world working to bring better healthcare changes to low-income communities.

Our 2016 Winner:

Alma Hernandez, is currently attending University of California-Irvine. She is pursing a double major in Biological Sciences (BioSci) and BioMedical Engineering (BME) Enrolling in classes like physics, biology, and organic chemistry have allowed her to explore and learn about professional career options once she graduates. Currently, Alma enjoys staying active on campus by joining students club's and doing community service with student organization. 


Not only does she go to school full time, but she is also a student worker. Currently, she works at the UCI Transportation and Distribution Services where she sells parking permits and drives around guests for events.


Alma described her first year in college as an eye opener because of the struggles to manage time efficiently and adjust to her new environment. She is Currently a 3rd year College Student.

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