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Who are we

Fontana Transport Inc. is a family owned trucking company based out of Southern California whose owners are passionate about education and helping future leaders in their community pursue a higher education degree. The Fontana Transport Inc. Scholars Program is open to underrepresented, low income and first-generation college-bound students. We believe everyone in the United States deserves an opportunity to study at a private or public institution despite their financial situation at home. With these scholarships, we strive to open a new door in a student's life that will enable him or her to continue their path toward success. 


What we do 


Fontana Transport Inc is a Long Haul Trucking Company specializes in 53 ft Air Ride van loads. Specializing in hauling loads from southern California to the Mid South, including: Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama,Georgia, Ohio,Indiana, Kentucky and Michigan.

    Previously Transported Items

-Warner Brother production for filming
-President Obama's inauguration platform equipment
-Machinery used to fight oiil spill in the Mexican gulf coast (May 2010)
-Las Vegas Convention Center Show equipment
-Apple Equipment
-Verizon equipment
- AT&T equipment
-Fed Ex Ground service
-USPS Ground Service
-Paccar auto parts

-Toyota auto parts

-Medical Supplies

-COVID-19 Essential Supplies and Shippers

-Rapid COVID Tests




With the rising pandemic, we work together to provided essential supplies to communities in need. If you wish to be part of our journey, feel free to click the link below. 

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