Who are we

Fontana Transport Inc. is a family owned trucking company based out of Southern California whose owners are passionate about education and helping future leaders in their community pursue a higher education degree. The Fontana Transport Inc. Scholars Program is open to underrepresented, low income and first-generation college-bound students. We believe everyone in the United States deserves an opportunity to study at a private or public institution despite their financial situation at home. With these scholarships, we strive to open a new door in a student's life that will enable him or her to continue their path toward success. 


What we do 


Fontana Transport Inc is a Long Haul Trucking Company specializes in 53 ft Air Ride van loads. Specializing in hauling loads from southern California to the Mid South, including: Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama,Georgia, Ohio,Indiana, Kentucky and Michigan.

                                                                                   Previous Jobs

-Warner Brother production for filming
-President Obama's inauguration platform equipment
-Machinery used to fight oiil spill in the Mexican gulf coast (May 2010)
-Las Vegas Convention Center Show equipment
-Apple Equipment
-Verizon equipment
- AT&T equipment
-Fed Ex Ground service
-USPS Ground Service
-Paccar auto parts

-Toyota auto parts

-Medical Supplies