Who are the 2019 Finalists?

Over the course of the application process we received an average of about 800 completed applications all through out the country and over 1,000 registrations, from students who aspire to get a college education. These are students who have experienced hardships in one way or another, and know the true meaning of perseverance. Despite their obstacles and limitations they have encountered through out their lives these students have shown that they can overcome them, by not setting boundaries on their aspirations, and goals. These are students who want to create a life for themselves and those around them, and this is someone who you can relate to. 

We were able to determine the winners through a writing prompt in which students are able to effectively convey their personal message about what they've been through, and the obstacles they've faced with just a few words. We strongly believe in education, and the hard work behind it, and how it can be shown through their academic excellence and impressive extra curricular involvement in their schools and community. Unfortunately wanting to get an education, can get complicated due to the unfortunate discrimination that students like them face day to day in the United States. However, that should not hinder anyone but push them to accomplish their goals, and because we can also relate to them as well, we feel that is is important to give these students, an opportunity to continue their education despite everything that has happened to them.